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Prom Hairstyles Up : Easy, Braided, and Gorgeous

Achieve a stunning look for prom hairstyles with easy, braided, and chic updos that are perfect for both long and short hair. From sophisticated vintage updos to cute clips and classy buns, there are numerous styles to elevate your prom night attire effortlessly.


Prom hairstyles up provide a versatile and captivating appeal, complementing different dresses and personal styles for an elegant and picturesque appearance on prom night. As the pinnacle of high school celebrations, prom demands a meticulously chosen hairstyle that enhances your overall look and embodies your individuality.


Whether you prefer a messy, loose updo or a sleek and stylish do, the right prom hairstyle is crucial in creating a memorable and enchanting evening. With an array of options available, selecting the perfect prom hairstyle requires careful consideration of your outfit, personal style, and hair length to achieve a captivating and spectacular look that will be remembered for years. With these stunning prom hairstyles, you can exude confidence and allure as you step into the limelight on this particular night.


Prom Hairstyles Up: Easy, Braided, and Gorgeous




The Perfect Prom Updo

Choosing The Right Updo

Consider your dress style when selecting a prom updo. Opt for sleek styles for fitted dresses and messier looks for boho gowns.

Prepping Your Hair

Ensure your hair is clean and dry before styling. Use texturizing spray for added grip and volume.

Step-by-step Updo Tutorial

  1. Begin by creating a rope braided bun.
  2. Wrap the twist into the bun for a polished finish.
  3. Incorporate a fishtail braid for added detail.
  4. Transition into a half-up style for versatility.
  5. Secure the braid with pins to keep it in place.
  6. Complete the look with a topsy tail for a final touch.

12:04 – 00:00 Intro, 00:15 Updo, 01:00 Rope Braided Bun, 01:19 Rope Braid, 01:43 Wrapping the Twist into the Bun, 02:22 Finishing The Bun, 02:43 Fishtail Braid, 05:17 Half Up Style, 06:52 Pinning The Braid, 10:57 Topsy Tail.

Glamorous And Elegant Updo Ideas

Regarding prom hairstyles, a glamorous and elegant updo can elevate your overall look and make you feel like a red carpet star. From classic chignons to intricate braided crowns and sleek ponytails with twists, there are numerous stunning options for your special night.

Classic Chignon

For a timeless and sophisticated look, consider a classic chignon. This low bun hairstyle exudes elegance and works well with various hair textures and lengths. For a touch of romance, you can customize your chignon with delicate accessories like pearls or floral pins.

Braided Crown

The braided crown updo adds a regal touch to your prom ensemble. This intricate style involves weaving braids around the head to create a crown-like effect. It’s a perfect choice for those who want a romantic and bohemian-inspired, stylish, and unique look.

Sleek Ponytail With Twists

Opt for a sleek ponytail with twists for a modern and chic prom hairstyle. This polished updo features twisted sections that add texture and visual interest to a classic ponytail. It’s a versatile option that complements various dress styles and makeup looks.

Romantic And Soft Updo Ideas

For a dreamy and romantic look at prom, consider trying soft updo hairstyles that exude elegance and grace. These romantic updos are perfect for creating a charming and feminine appearance to enhance your overall prom ensemble. Whether you choose a loosely curled bun, a messy braid adorned with flowers, or a half-up, half-down hairstyle with cascading curls, these hairstyles will surely make a lasting impression.

Loose Curly Bun

A loose curly bun is a timeless and sophisticated choice for prom that delicately frames the face and adds a touch of glamour to your overall look. To achieve this style, gather your hair into a loose bun while leaving a few tresses out to frame your face with soft curls. This effortless yet polished hairstyle is perfect for achieving an ethereal and romantic look for prom night.

Messy Braid With Flowers

Add a whimsical and charming touch to your prom look with a messy braid adorned with flowers. This bohemian-inspired hairstyle exudes a soft and romantic allure, ideal for creating a dreamy and enchanting appearance. Embrace a carefree vibe with this hairstyle, as the addition of delicate blooms effortlessly enhances the softness and femininity of the overall look.

Half-up, Half-down With Curls

Opt for a half-up, half-down hairstyle adorned with cascading curls for a romantic and ethereal look at prom. This versatile hairstyle strikes the perfect balance between elegance and charm, allowing you to showcase both the beauty of your natural locks and the allure of soft, cascading curls. This enchanting hairstyle is ideal for those looking to exude an elegant and graceful aura at prom.


Prom Hairstyles Up: Easy, Braided, and Gorgeous




Creative And Trendy Updo Ideas


Create mesmerizing prom hairstyles up with creative and trendy updo ideas. From stylish braided buns to elegant floral accents, elevate your prom look with beautiful, easy-to-style updos. Whether you have long or short hair, endless updo options complement your prom dress and make you stand out.

Fishtail Braid Updo

Are you looking for a unique and stylish updo for your prom night? The fishtail braid updo is a trendy and creative option that will turn heads. This hairstyle adds a touch of elegance to your overall look and is perfect for those with long hair. Start by creating a fishtail braid at the back of your head and then wrapping it into a low bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins and finish with a spritz of hairspray for hold throughout the night.

Braided Bun With Accessories

For a more glamorous updo, try the braided bun with accessories. This hairstyle combines a classic bun with intricate braids and trendy hair accessories. Start by braiding small sections of your hair and then gather them into a low bun at the nape of your neck. Secure the bun with bobby pins and spruce it by adding stylish hair accessories like sparkly clips or floral pins. The result is a gorgeous and unique updo that will make you stand out on your special night.

Textured High Bun

The textured high bun is for you if you prefer a sleek and sophisticated updo. This hairstyle adds volume and texture to your hair while keeping it elegant and stylish. Start by teasing your hair at the crown to create volume. Then, gather your hair into a high ponytail and twist it into a bun. Secure the bun with elastic and bobby pins, leaving a few strands loose for a messy and relaxed look. The textured high bun is a timeless and trendy hairstyle that will complement any prom dress.

Choosing The Right Accessories

Choosing the right accessories is essential to complete your perfect prom hairstyle. The right accessories can enhance your overall look, add a touch of elegance, and make you stand out from the crowd. This section will discuss how to match accessories to your dress and the best hair accessories for different hair lengths.

Matching Accessories To Your Dress

When choosing the right accessories, it’s essential to consider the style and color of your prom dress. The accessories should complement your dress and enhance its beauty. Here are some tips to help you match accessories with your dress:

  • If your dress has intricate detailing or embellishments, opt for simple and understated accessories to avoid overwhelming your look.
  • If your dress has bold colors or patterns, choose accessories in neutral shades or metallic tones to create a balanced and cohesive appearance.
  • Consider the neckline of your dress. If you have a strapless or sweetheart neckline, statement earrings or a necklace can draw attention to your face. For a dress with a high neckline, focus on hair accessories like headbands or hairpins.
  • Don’t forget to consider the overall theme or vibe of your prom. If it’s a formal event, opt for elegant and sophisticated accessories. Consider adding floral accessories or hair vines for a more playful or bohemian look.

Hair Accessories For Different Hair Lengths

Choosing the right hair accessories is crucial, especially with different hair lengths. Here are some ideas for hair accessories based on your hair length:

Short Hair Medium-Length Hair Long Hair
  • Adorable clips or headbands can accentuate short, curly hair.
  • Add a touch of glamour with dazzling barrettes for a little extra bling.
  • Consider wearing a stylish headwrap or bandana for a trendy and effortless look.
  • Elevate your go-to prom hairstyles like ponytails and buns with decorative hairpins or combs.
  • Add a touch of elegance with a delicate tiara or headband.
  • Experiment with stylish hair clips or barrettes in various shapes and colors.
  • Create a romantic and feminine look with a floral crown or hair vine.
  • Add a touch of glamour with a statement hair accessory like a jeweled hair comb or tiara.
  • Try intricately braided updos with decorative hairpins or clips for an elegant and chic hairstyle.

Remember, the key is to choose hair accessories that complement your hair length and enhance your overall look while staying true to your personal style. Experiment with different accessories, and don’t be afraid to get creative to find the perfect match for your prom hairstyle!

Hair Care Tips For The Big Night

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Regarding prom night, every detail matters, especially your hairstyle. To ensure your locks look their best, it’s essential to prep your hair leading up to the big night. Here are some basic hair care tips to help you achieve the perfect prom hairstyle.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Incorporate a deep conditioning treatment into your pre-prom routine to prioritize hair health. This will help nourish and hydrate your hair, leaving it smooth and shiny for the big night. Aim to do a deep conditioning treatment once or twice weekly in the month leading up to prom.

Protective Hairstyles Leading Up To Prom

Opt for protective hairstyles such as braids, buns, or twists in the weeks leading up to prom. These styles will help to minimize manipulation and reduce the risk of damage to your hair. By incorporating protective hairstyles, you can help maintain the health and integrity of your hair, ensuring it looks its best on prom night.

Avoiding Humidity And Frizz

Humidity and frizz can wreak havoc on your prom hairstyle. To combat this, use anti-humidity hair products when styling your hair. Additionally, consider using a finishing spray to lock your style in place and fend off frizz throughout the night. You can enjoy a gorgeous, frizz-free prom hairstyle by putting these precautions in place.

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Expert Advice From Hairstylists


Prom Hairstylists offer expert advice on chic prom updos, from braided buns to loose styles. Elevate your prom look with trendy hairstyles like floral accents and elegant updos. Find inspiration for your big night with easy-to-style prom hairdos that will make you stand out.

Finding A Hairstylist

When selecting a hairstylist for your prom updo, prioritize those with experience creating elegant, long-lasting styles.

Consultation And Trial Run

Please schedule a consultation and trial run with your chosen hairstylist to discuss your desired look and ensure it aligns with your outfit and personal style.

Tips For Maintaining The Updo Throughout The Night

  • Use quality hair products to secure the updo in place.
  • Carry extra hairpins and hairspray for any quick touch-ups.
  • Avoid excessive touching to maintain the hairstyle’s shape.

For flawless Prom Hairstyles Up, follow expert advice on choosing a hairstylist, having a consultation and trial run, and maintaining your updo all night. Finding a Hairstylist: Prioritize experienced stylists for long-lasting styles. Consultation and Trial Run: Discuss your desired look with your stylist to align it with your outfit. Tips for Maintaining the Updo Throughout the Night: – Use quality hair products for security. – Carry extra pins and hairspray for touch-ups. – Avoid touching excessively to maintain shape.

Diy Prom Updos

Looking for a stunning prom updo that you can achieve at home? Check out these simple and elegant styles:

  • Braided Bun
  • Messy Updo
  • Low Twisted Bun

To create the perfect DIY prom updo, you’ll need:

  • Bobby pins
  • Hair elastics
  • Texturizing spray
  • Hair comb
  • Hair accessories (optional)

Remember, practice makes perfect! Experiment with these styles before the big night to find your favorite look.


Prom Hairstyles Up: Easy, Braided, and Gorgeous




Frequently Asked Questions For Prom Hairstyles Up


What Hairstyle Is Good For Prom?


For prom hairstyles, consider a cute updo with clips or vintage styles for curly hair and glam barrettes for extra flair. Match your hairstyle to your gown’s vibe, such as a ponytail for fitted dresses or a side part for elegance.


Keep it easy to style!


How Do I Wear My Hair For Prom?


For a chic prom look, match your hairstyle with your gown vibe. A flowy dress pairs well with a messy updo, while a sleek outfit goes with a sleek ponytail. Add barrettes for a touch of bling to elevate classics like buns or ponytails.


Keep it easy to style!


What Is A Hair Up Style?


A hair-up is a women’s hairstyle that involves arranging the hair into an updo, often for a special occasion. Updos can be sleek, romantic, or imperfectly messy. Many different styles are available for updos.


How To Do Cute Updo Hairstyles?


Consider your gown’s vibe for inspiration to achieve cute updo hairstyles for prom. For short curly hair, adorn with clips or headbands. Vintage updos work well for curly locks. Enhance ponytails and buns with dazzling barrettes. Opt for easy-to-style updos that suit your style.




Prom season is when young individuals experiment with different hairstyles that complement their attire. From elegant updos to playful braids, there are numerous styling options to choose from. These hairstyles will make a statement on prom night, whether aiming for a classic look or a more modern twist.



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