You can spend countless hours allowing the thinking mind to question your decisions. It may say you’re great, it may say you’re worthless. What you have done in your past has nothing to do with whether you’re great or not. Your greatness is in the very beingness of who you are, and it doesn’t matter where you go, or what you do, it’s the self-realization of greatness that makes you so.

And yet, if you do not recognise your greatness, it doesn’t mean that your greatness isn’t there. It’s simply unrealised.

If you’ve made a decision that isn’t from the heart of your greatness, stop, deepen your connection with the space of silence.

Stop looking. Looking for what? Stop looking for something in these words, a solution, or anywhere to be.

See if there is anything you wish you could change about this moment.

See if you can stop more deeply. See if you can be here more deeply.

Notice the sounds around you. Notice the sensations in your body. Whatever is past is past. What is real is what’s now.

Just be here and see what here has to offer you. What can you offer this moment in return?



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