I love the quote by Albert Einstein that “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it,” because it absolves you of turning away from any limitation you could possibly face. In other words, this one quote helps you realize that the you, who can overcome the limitation, is not the current you.

Because all too often I’ve heard myself and others say, “I’m not ready.”

If I look back at the life experiences and choices that have taken me beyond my current limitations into more awareness, I’ve almost never been ready to make them.

What does it mean to be “ready” anyway? Isn’t it a feeling that you “can” do what’s in front of you, that you’re capable? But when it comes to taking a risk that you don’t necessarily believe in yourself about, especially one where you stand to lose or gain something, is the limited you ever really ready?

Anytime that I’ve said I’m not ready for something, it’s been out of a sense that I cannot move forward with what is there to be faced. And isn’t that just a form of fear? A thought that’s attached to your past experiences of what you have done or a limited idea of what you are capable of? Of course who you have been isn’t going to be ready for that new adventure or risk, which is why it’s a risk or new adventure.

The things that are moving you, when they are of the heart on a road of evolution, will present you with opportunities to transcend your current limitations, abilities and capacity. How else do you think that you rise beyond your limitations? You realize there is a you that is greater than your limited self.

The problem: Your thinking mind speaks to you and says, “I’m not ready” which allows you to stand down from your true desires because your ego is convincing you that it’s not the right time because who you currently are, in your identity, isn’t ready.

The solution: Know that it is not “ready” that you seek, but a sense of willingness. Be willing to fail. Be willing to take a stand for who you are. Remember that you are not only your identity, you are connected with something greater.

Willingness comes from being, a deeper awareness that who you are beyond your identity will move you through any obstacle. And once you take your step towards whatever you may be facing, then you realize that it’s possible. Wouldn’t you begin to believe that all your impossibles are possible?

Imagine if you kept following your impossibles over and over again, without ever being “ready” perhaps, but with willingness, wouldn’t you eventually realize that you really can do anything. There is a vast difference between believing that all possibilities exist and actually experiencing them.

I work with many clients who post their happy instagrams about how anything is possible, but when we explore at a deeper level why they aren’t taking some actions, it’s because they don’t really believe that. The ironic thing is that it doesn’t require your belief, only your willingness and action. Then you will not require belief, you will know.

It’s been my experience that you only become what you imagine yourself to be through actions and experiences each time you leap off that cliff.

Do not be fooled, your cliffs are not external, they’re inside of you. They’re in the form of those thoughts that say you’re not ready. That it’s not the right time. But it may never feel like the right time. 

Seek not to be ready, but instead, seek the part of yourself, underneath your thoughts and identities about who you are (which is not who you are anyway), and reach for the part of you that is willing to take a stand to become who you really are.

Your willingness to follow dreams and overcome your challenges will lead you there, to the part of you that is greater than any limitation.

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