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“Sometimes I wish I lived in a really small town with a community vibe. It must be so great because of the way people feel familiar. I think it would be really comforting,” a friend once said to me.

I’ve often found that what we think we want isn’t always what we truly want, it’s the feeling that what we think we want is going to give us. When I pondered his statement, it felt as though he wanted human community because he wanted the feeling of security, and comfort.

Looking for security and comfort in your circumstances isn’t bad or wrong, it’s just that trueconnection, security, and comfort is a feeling that exists within you whether you have community or not.

What does “true” mean. True is lasting, not temporary. When the source of your connection, security and comfort comes from who you truly are in your heart, you don’t need to create community on the outside. You will probably have it, but not because if you don’t, you’ll feel lonely, or a lack of comfort and security.

Going on this journey is about finding everything within so you are free to be yourself. When you feel truly secure within, and don’t feel anything but a sense of love and connection with yourself, you don’t need to look for those things outside of yourself.

AND YET, that’s when your community reflects that. The more I know myself, the more I feel one with the world, as if every single heart is familiar. The more I live in the now, the less I seek connection with others because the sense of love I feel within fulfils me. And yet, I also have found my connections with other humans has deepened.

I often hear people say that having a tribe or like-minded community is the most important thing on the journey, but isn’t the most important thing the connection with your heart and knowing your true self?

The more you know yourself, the whole world becomes your neighborhood. Recently while traveling, I connected with a woman as I boarded a train who escorted me through our entire ride and all the way out of the station into finding a cab stand and helped me with my luggage as we spoke from our hearts about the world and ourselves in it. I hadn’t asked her for any help at all. As we said goodbye, we felt like very old friends.

The whole world is your neighbourhood, familiar when you are living through your heart, and it’s as if you feel a sense of belonging, no matter where you are, but without the longing or need for the world to provide that sense for you.

If you want to be truly free in your heart, look at your desires. Remember, what you believe you want may not always be what you truly want. Find out what that is. What is the feeling that you want to receive from your desires in life? Then connect with the feeling in your heart now.

It doesn’t need to make sense, and don’t take my word for it, just try it for yourself :)
Use this to create space, the best way to get what you want is to feel as though you already have it. Use the question in part 3 to feel connected to the feeling of having that which you may perceive to lack. Good luck!
  1. Write down a list of the things that you think you want in your life, a list of your 5 biggest desires.
  2. What feeling do you believe those 5 things will give you?
  3. Ask yourself the following question: “What would it feel like if I felt that way right now?”
One Example:
Desire: A romantic relationship
Feeling it would give you: Happiness, relief from loneliness
Question to ask yourself: What would it feel like if I felt happy right now? What would it feel like if I felt full of companionship, what would if feel as though I’m not alone?


Good luck!
Kirra Sherman
PS – You’re never alone. The moment is always with you; the presence of the moment is always holding you.
Or, pay it forward to someone you love.
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