Deeper than your experiences is you.

You are untouchable. You are unmovable. You simply are. You are the awareness that observes all that happens or doesn’t happen.

You see through the eyes of lovethe eyes that do not judge, just see.

There is you of thoughts, the you that is the sum of your experiences: your character. Your character is the sum of your experiences. But you are not your character, you are the one that moves your character.

There is the you that’s an essence, an energy that is behind the stories you experience. You are not the sum of your experiences. You experience the events of your life story like a character in a book, but you are not the character.

What you experience has nothing to do with who you are, except to experience or to show you: the you behind the stories.

Look at your life story and see it for all that it is. See beyond the story to all that you are. Now look back into the story and see yourself inside of it and outside of it, the space from where all stories are written.

You are not the sum of your experiences, you are the writer.

Can you feel beyond what is written? Can you quiet your mind enough to feel who is writing?


By trusting something new, you trust what’s unfolding in your story not because you are to trust nothing, you are one with you, the one writing the story. Trust the new beginnings that you have asked for, whatever is happening right NOW…

Don’t “accept” because it’s going to make you feel better; accept because you are one with what is.

Don’t “surrender” because it will take you to a sense of peace; surrender because you are one with what is being written for you, by you.

Don’t “connect” because you will feel love; connect because connection is who you are.


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