This is a very powerful statement to ask yourself: What do I currently accept in my life that I know deep down I do not deserve?

If you sometimes have this experience, and you know you want more out of your life, it is you who must demand it, and thereby earn to deserve it. If you accept less than, it is you who has chosen that it’s enough for you, that it’s what you deserve.

Once I was in a relationship with someone who at certain times would treat me a way that I felt was less than what I deserved deep in my heart. But I stayed in the relationship. You see, I was accepting the love I thought I deserved. Deep down in my heart I knew I deserved better, but I was accepting less. It’s not that who I was with is bad, or wrong, this realization was about me and what I was willing to allow life to give to me.

Walking along a trail in the woods one day, I remember being so angry. But why? It was I who allowed it and stayed. I realised, the anger I felt was not towards that other person, but towards myself. If I left, there was no need to be angry. In other words, I wasn’t in judgment of the behaviour itself or the other person. But it is up to me to decide what I will stand for. A mentor and friend has often said at his programs, “Love would not let itself be treated like a doormat. Love stands up for itself.”

When I left that relationship, I remember speaking to my heart–to life itself–that I would not accept less again. I knew the only reason I’d accepted less is because I felt as though I needed the love I was being given.

And from that point forward, the question I ask myself is what would it feel like if I didn’t feel as though I needed love from someone else? And… what is it that I truly deserve? If the answer is ever less than what I would love to deserve, I seek to earn to deserve what I love. How? By giving that which I wish to receive. Remember… How do you know you deserve something? Because you LOVE it. Unless you accept less, then you have chosen to deserve less.

The more awareness you have for who you truly are, the more you naturally expand your capacity to love… to love others, to love yourself… but, you must know yourself in silence, the depth below the personality that’s only skin deep.

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Here’s what others are saying:

“Thank you SO much for the Know Yourself webinar. I LOVE IT! I listened to it once and feel to listen to it again and maybe again and again…;)”
~C.P. New York

“Just wanted to say how meaningful it was to me to listen to your ‘know yourself’ recording.
I was so moved by it that I listened to it twice already. Thank you.”
~L.V. New York

“I can’t thank you enough for sending this to me. Within the first five minutes of this recording, I had tears in my eyes. Thank you so very much. I appreciate it more than you know.”
~N.P. New York

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