There have been many times in my life where I have experienced a lot of resistance. Resistance to change, resistance to pain, or simply, a resistance to the moment that was playing out before my eyes, whatever it was that wasn’t living up to my expectations.

In my experience, we don’t have expectations for no reason. What we expect is a reflection of what we perceive to lack. There is an expectation because there is a need for something. In other words, if _____ happens, then I’ll feel happy, well, approved of, known, appreciated, loved, secure in my circumstances, or secure in myself.

Ask yourself, if you didn’t perceive to feel any lack within yourself, why would you expect anything to happen? Expect is a form of need!

The truth is, it’s not the circumstance you need, but what you feel the circumstance will make you feel that you’re truly looking for. It’s not even the circumstance that you love. Isn’t it the feeling that the circumstance or experience gives you? You don’t expect what you love unless that love has turned to a need. And you only need something you perceive to lack.

Living a life filled with expectations is hard because each time life doesn’t meet those requirements, you’ll experience a great deal of resistance. What you’re really feeling is a resistance to your own perceived lack of love.

When you are expecting something to happen, when life doesn’t meet those expectations, ask yourself: what would it feel like if I felt no lack within myself? What would it feel like if I didn’t need this to happen.

When you do not need, that is when you can love. And that’s usually when what you love becomes available. to you.

Good luck!

groove with the rythym

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