You don’t need to do anything to be in Truth

You don’t need to find a job that will get you there

You don’t need to paint your soul

You don’t need to do anything at all

But when you feel moved to do something, whatever it may be, express yourself to another, dance, love deeper, cry harder, let it all go, do it with connection. Do it with being. Live whatever you think your purpose is, but know that your purpose is in the love exuding from you. Be one with the moment when you call a friend. Don’t distract yourself with three tasks at once when you can be one with just one thing. Connect with your heart, your being, your Truth.

If you can be one with who you are when you’re doing what you’re doing, it won’t matter so much what you’re doing.

If you’re to do it, do it with love in your being.

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