My lover called from an open field

And I sang in a formless sea

whispering, ‘who are you?’

whispering waves of energy

I felt love in another’s eyes

I saw mine staring back at me

Subtle tones carried my name

impossible for there was only one

and the feeling of those eyes pierced

like the thunder of a thousand rains

like the the erosion of a thousand waves

love made me a bed inside me

and curled up in the recesses

of places for which I’ve only dreamt

settle, the winds breathed

find your deeper self, the sun shone

lose yourself to find yourself

and you’ll find the self you thought you were no longer

go into the depth of your breathe

and find no body there

go into the eyes of another

and you’ll find no humanity there

go into the stars and you’ll find no light there

go into the depth of yourself

and find no darkness there

lay my hands to rest, leave me empty of mind

and give my soul back to the place without time


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