There is a space within you where dreams lie dormant awaiting their moment in time. You cannot force that moment in your life story when what you love will form into reality, but when you know that all things are because of you, you can be fully present to it’s birth when it’s delivered.


But you must know that all things are because of you; they are delivered when you have written them into your story. It’s not just acceptance of life or surrender to patience that brings peace, although that will bring you some peace in thoughts.


Know that you are one with all of life, and you no longer need to find acceptance. You do not need to find peace within when you experience that peace is you. Be one with the space where all circumstances arise and fall away. Watch each story come alive as if you are the one breathing life into each one.


Know yourself as the writer, and you will fear no more, and judge no more. You do not need to find more love within you in any moment you realise that love and you are one. And then you be, and act, and watch the dance of your dreams come true.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~
An experience to support you in really knowing these truths, click here.

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