Challenges, challenges, challenges… and more challenges to face. Is life just full of lessons?

What does my heart have to say in all of this… what does my heart whisper in moments of it all appearing to be defeated or in times of success… am I listening?  Am I listening to the steady breathing of the heart of life pulsing through my body, reverberating through the walls of my imagination into the lightness of the sun and back again?

And can I connect to the part of my heart that feels so steady, so knowing, so perfect, so untouched by the sands of time, untouched by the ins and outs of visitors in this thing we call life.

And will my heart take a stand? Or rather, will I as my heart take a stand to follow the footsteps of my truth?  Even when it gets tough… even when my body is drained and I can’t see hope’s hand holding my back like a lover on a sunny day in the park… even when all I can feel is the raindrops and mistake them for fear when I know deep down they are stories made of the purest love, like a tear drop from my heart holding the ocean, which is reflecting the whole world in a tiny moment that has passed once more.

‘Connect to that raindrop… connect deeper to your self’ my heart whispers again…

With love, from your heart…

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