The first time a mentor, who I trusted, said: “you can never really trust anyone,” I felt disappointment and resistance. Sometimes I’ve often found that when something is true, my mind initially resists it, so I opened my heart to listen.

Sometimes when a truth hits your heart, an illusion has to die first. When what you believe is called into question, it can feel as though your identity is being attacked, and in a way, this makes sense. Isn’t your identity made up of your beliefs?

In my willingness to let my belief go, I wanted to know the truth: If I can’t trust another, why not? And what does that mean then to trust life and myself?

Simply: trust begins with your heart above all else. You, your heart, and life are not separate. True safety, security, and trust comes from the awareness that all things come from the same place: life itself, and that you are not separate from life.

In acting on the feeling that moves you in your heart, the one that is not contained by ego, judgments, beliefs, identities, or thoughts, you take a journey of knowing yourself beyond thought, judgment, and ego. What’s left when you strip all your judgments and thoughts away? Isn’t it love, unconditional?

There will be times when another person disappoints you with trust—in your life movie—or does not keep to their word. That doesn’t make them bad. That doesn’t make them anything. That is the role they are playing for you.
Question is, what can you learn—what is life’s purpose for giving you that experience? Is it so you learn to trust your self and your heart more? Is it the result of putting them on a pedestal and needing to see they are no better than you? What’s the life lesson?

Ask yourself: Would you depend on another if you knew it meant that you would forsake your own heart? Would you put trust into another if you knew it meant you would betray your own heart?

True trust means not to trust anyone in their words, only your feeling that you know in your heart. Trust is not to trust one person, but their role for the lesson that life is showing you. You trust what moves through your own heart. You trust what moves through the hearts of the others.

When you trust in no one but life itself, it is then that you trust in everyone, for the same life within you is the same life that is within them. I believe it is the indian saying of Namaste that translated means, “The one in me, sees the one in you.”

Can you see through the role that another is playing to the heart within them, that is the same heart within you?

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