What’s true may be true. Say it, speak it, share it, and follow it. Tell the world of this Truth. Take action that resonates with this level of Truth, but make sure it’s yours before you do.

What’s true may be true, but when what’s true is not delivered from a resonance of being your truth, or the action taken is missing an element of truth for you, it will fall on deaf ears.

It will not ring with the sweetness of a chime that wells from a depth of authenticity.

It won’t be your sound reverberating from your soul. It will sound like you’ve picked up an instrument that you don’t play. It will still be music. But when you play it, it won’t sound True.

The ownership… the presence of that Truth didn’t come from deep within you, didn’t spring from your space of Truth.

You have heard this Truth to be True, but you have not yet made it your own.

It is still a truth, but it is not yours to be had. It is a forced action you wish to be your Truth. It is “trying” to be Truth. There is no try in Truth. There is no resistance when its yours. You can’t steal or borrow the Truth. You cannot put on another’s shoe until you’ve made the tracks you step in yours.

Be wary of the actions that you take with someone else’s truth including the directions you receive from their words or the ones in your own mind.

If it did not come from your heart, it is not True. If it did not come from your in-tuition, it is not Truth.

But what comes from your heart and what comes from your head… ?

If you can let go of all that fear of it not all working out, you’ll come to know which one is your head, and which is your heart dear one.

And don’t forget, its ok to fall, for in falling, you begin again to rise with a humble heart.

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