What is the purpose of the birds? Are they not there just to exist, to be a bird?


And what of being human? Is the purpose not to be a human being.

A human being is defined by two parts. One is human. And then there is being. A human has a body that’s tangible. A being is without form that’s tangible.

Most of us know human. We know touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight, all through the experience of the body. There are boundaries of the body. There is separation between bodies and bodies and things in the world.

Then there is being. Being is the formless energy within the body. Being allows you to sense the intangible. Being senses the beingness of others, the energy of all things, the aliveness coursing through all of life including the space that fills between things. Energy is all there is, no separation, no ending, no beginning, one infinite energy.

Sense the space between things, sense the space of being inside of your own body.

The experience of the bird is to be a bird. The experience of the human being is to be a human being.

Are you embodying both your human and your being? If there is room in life for balance, it may not be to find balance in your circumstances, but perhaps to bring more balance to the whole you by connecting with your being side more.

There is peace in being. There is fulfillment, simply in being. There is love, just by being. There is kindness in your heart, when you’re really being. There is joy, for no reason, that comes to you when you are being.


If you want purpose, just look to your name: human being.


You came here to be here.





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