A successful life isn’t necessarily about successful results, it’s living fully and experiencing what’s truly important to you, what you love.

True success is about playing the exhilarating game of life with the intention to win every time, but playing without the debilitating fear of losing. That is to say: playing for fun.
Whether you fail or succeed, living for what you love from moment to moment is to feel free and alive; that’s a winning.

If you don’t risk for love because of fear and the thoughts of disbelief, you don’t have the opportunity to succeed or fail, but you continue to fear and by default put more power in the thoughts that speak of disbelief in yourself; that’s a losing.


Admittedly, the game of life isn’t fun when you have any fear that comes from not knowing who you truly are. There is no greater experience I could share other than these two resources: A New Earth or The Power of Now by Echkart Tolle and The Wisdom Truth Freedom Experience by Amir Zoghi

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