What if your focus of life left the destination behind to be only on feeling truly alive? What if there was a sense of peace pervading your life experience? And what if that was all that truly mattered?

free your heart

What if everything you decided to do came from the space of aliveness? Activities on the outside could add to the spark of aliveness on the inside, but the aliveness within you was what gave aliveness to everything on the outside. And that aliveness that you are you carried with you everywhere you went, as if everything you touched turned to aliveness, the gold of beingness, of presence.

What if there was no need? What if there was nothing to do, what would you do? If everything was taken care of in your life, and you didn’t feel the need to become a success, what would you do? What would be the point of doing anything if it wasn’t for the need to become something? Wouldn’t it just be the fun of it? If there was no need to become it, there might be a love to…

What if there is no purpose in what you do other than love? What if there is no purpose in life other than having fun?

What if the highs and lows went on around you, but you experienced peace in the presence of your heart, the soul of life itself?

What if there was no destination other than the space of your heart? What if there was no where and no thing “to get” other than to be here and enjoy the ride? What if there was no destination other than love?

be present every day

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