Know Yourself…

“I know myself” the mind says.

Which part of yourself?

Who IS that “you” beyond that voice in your head?

“No really, I know who I am, I am…”

Can words really define who you Truly are?

Do you really think that who you truly are can be confined by a bunch of labels and definitions?

Can you encapsulate the infinite simply by naming it as such?


Know yourself as… personality, as your body, as a human.

Know yourself as… the one beyond your life stories, your personality, beyond time, body, knowledge, emotions, thoughts, limitations, ego, circumstances, and however you define your self through language.

Know yourself.

… as that feeling of being alive.

“Then who is the voice in my head?” the voice asks.

If your head is one part of yourself, then who is the other?

Who is the observer?

“Oh I remember this, this is left brain right brain stuff. I’m my heart, but I’m also my head. I’m both. I’m oneness, right?” the head says.

The heart says nothing. It just knows. It already is.

How do you know yourself?


“Oh I know what you mean now, I know this: I’m love,” the mind says. 

Do you experience yourself as love all of the time now that you “know” this to be true? Are you living in complete presence always in all ways now that you have found the answer intellectually?

Who you truly are doesn’t need to say anything at all. It IS presence. It speaks through the feeling of truth by being it. 


There is knowing yourself in your head: intellectual answers, memorizing someone else’s truth or something you’ve read, understanding through the mind.

Then there is knowing yourself in Truth: Become it, experience it, live it. 

It’s the difference between describing the appearance of food and how something tastes based on what someone else has said or written, and actually tasting it for yourself. 


Know yourself… “Love …” the heart whispers through a feeling as the realization bubbles up from a deeper space beneath words… a feeling takes over.

Reach for the space where no questions need answers, where the questions are the answers because in that space there is no need to know, where the mind can have no space to ask questions that require no answers. If you know it, you’re not in the living of it.

In the mind, there will always be another question because the mind is never satisfied with answers or questions.

Only you can be satisfied by being the Truth of who you are.

There is nothing to know; but there is everything to be.


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