It’s not about what you know, its about what you feel. Ask people what they know, there is so much to be said. But nothing changes. Ask someone how they feel, watch the difference, how difficult it can be for someone to share what they feel. It’s so simple, WHAT DO YOU FEEL?

Are you feeling limited? Are you feeling free? Are you feeling heavy? Are you feeling love? Are you feeling trapped? Are you feeling expansive?

What are you feeling in your body? Is your experience of life coming from your head or your body? Feel into your toes, feel not into your words, but into your heart and feel whatever you feel… Emotions, positivity, negativity… do not resist.

Write about it, paint it, dance it, act it, but whatever you do, feel it and feel it with your whole being.

Keep feeling…

Keep feeling…

Keep feeling….

In the quiet moments of your life, in the quiet hours of loneliness, in the quiet of darkness & lightness, whatever you feel, allow it to be there, and ask yourself… who am I? … what is the Truth?

Await your heart, not your fears, but await your heart to carry you through the moment.

Love is always present… are you present with love?

What do you feel?

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