We are, each one of us, a wave upon the ocean, but does each wave not form itself from the sea? You cannot separate a wave from the ocean just like you cannot separate the clouds from the sky, a captain from his ship, and you from me.

Everything that you see in this world has a depth within that you can connect with. Beneath the surface of what your eyes see is an aliveness, even for things that are not alive. How do you know for sure? You can feel it’s energy when you put your attention on it. It requires your sixth sense, your heart, to feel. It takes your being here in this moment without thoughts to another moment to feel something that is in this moment.

Every physical object in this world, including you and me appear to be separate, but within there is the energy just like that ocean we appear to be waves of separation. In our hearts, that indwelling energy within everyone and everything we are not separate; we are one at the level of being.

A cloud is not a cloud without the sky. And I am not me without you. But underneath the roles we play and the forms we are here to experience, there is no we, there is no you, there is no me.


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