Dream PIC

Imagine that when you walk out your door every morning, that the world is a blank canvas. Imagine that life is taking place in your imagination. Each moment what seems to always be out your front door is not actually there until you step outside into it. Imagine that there is nothing beyond what can see in front of your eyes until you will it to be so.

Imagine there is a painter who paints a story upon this blank canvas of the world and that the world is waiting and ready to be painted upon freshly, again and again, moment by moment.

Imagine that there is nothing but space all across the universe, the twinkling of the stars only there because you decided to paint them newly this evening, the sun shining upon your will this morning. Imagine all that is, all that was, and all that will ever be is in the mind of the painter writing on that blank canvas of space. Now imagine that you are that painter.

Imagine that all the circumstances of your life are only painted in each moment so that nothing is concrete and nothing is certain until the moment arrives. Every future event you’d love to happen, believe will happen, and need to happen are subject to being re-written, un-written, or written for the first time. Nothing happens until you as the painter have decided for them to happen, stroke by stroke of a brush, moment by moment.

Wouldn’t anything be possible? Imagine that anything could happen or change at a moment’s notice, you stroking a new color onto the canvas simply out of a love to paint, a love to live a specific portrait, ever changing.

Now imagine a decision, or idea, or knowing, or feeling bubbles up from this empty space into your heart. Imagine saying yes to this decision, this idea, this knowing, this feeling.

Imagine that the entire energy of the universe begins to conspire to assist you in this love-borne Intuition. The blank canvas begins to shape itself around this decision, idea, knowing, feeling, intuition. A new picture begins to emerge. Imagine that the infinite energy begins to form into the physical universe through the scenery of your decision, through other people, through ideas forming into the minds of others that may come to help you, into other events designed to support this decision, idea, knowing, feeling, intuition.

You begin to see the shape of your decision, your love, upon the canvas. And if you haven’t yet, remember that it takes time for a painter to create the details of a very large picture—how grand is the vision, idea, knowing, feeling, decision, intuition? It may take minutes, hours, days, years or even decades for you to paint your dream into imagination, to shape itself onto the painting of the world.

Is the current version of yourself ready to experience what you love? Or, are you required to learn lessons along the way in the form of events & circumstances to support your dreams, visions, intuition, ideas, knowing or feeling?

Imagine the amount of connection to the presence within, to that empty space, that’s required of you to become one with your ideas, decision, feeling, intuition, knowing, vision. Imagine how the more you connect with your feeling, intuition, presence, heart, and knowing, the power of your painting grows, expanding and morphing your ideas, expanding more of the universal painting to support you, expanding your perception of yourself as a painter. As you follow this heart decision, your skills in painting expands. And your capacity for painting what you love expands.

And wouldn’t your doubt limit the vision, idea, big picture, feeling, knowing, intuition?—Your infinite imagination  confined to smaller pieces of canvas. Each “I can’t” becoming a reflection of limitation, or rather, the perception of what’s possible upon the canvas of the world…

You can choose to limit your painting by thinking about what’s not possible and a limited logical vision full of doubt—where the painting will reflect your lack of willingness.

Or, you can decide to paint as if no one is watching. You can paint your life with less limitation by connecting with pure imagination. You can choose to decide your picture from infinite creativity, ideas, presence, feeling, intuition, knowing, that infinite energy—where the painting will reflect your expanding love on the infinite canvas of life. Remember to see  love in what you paint, no matter what it ends up appearing as, see yourself in it.

It’s not about whether you succeed or fail, it’s that you had the courage to live from your heart, and that will make all the difference to a fulfilled life experience.

Something to ponder…

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