I used to ask my mentor why something isor why something has happened. “Because the sky is high,” was often the response. My mind would protest quietly, but I would smile on the inside despite my annoyance.

When events happen in life, there is often a desire to understand why, which may be a possible reflection of the lack of acceptance for what is. When applied to life circumstances, why and how can become questions that desire to grasp a deeper essence of life, one that cannot be understood by the mind.

The part of you that is asking these questions—the part of you that has a need to know—will never be able to comprehend the answer to the question it seeks because what is simply is: what it is.

The mind will always seek to take you out of the present moment; it will use introspective questions like why and how to lure you out of being in the here and now. But you can only comprehend what is through presence. You’re either in presence or in your head—you can choose to stay in the question and answer game, or you can choose to step into presence. If you were truly connected with the present moment, the question of why or how would have no space to exist.

True understanding is only found through feeling… being… intuition… through that knowing that can only come from open-hearted connection. There is only one true you, and it is found in your heart. Your heart is already one with what is and seeks not to find safety in how or why because it is already open to all possibilities.

The part of you that wants to understand why what’s happening is the part of you that cannot understand what’s truly happening because it cannot connect with presence. Only you can connect with presence.

Why would you ask why when in observance of the past? If you believe that everything happens for a reason, isn’t it meant to be? You can choose to pick up a lesson from it, or not; it doesn’t change what it is, but you can change your experience of it.

Why would you ask how when making a life decision? Is it because you want to feel safe or reassured if you have a plan? Will you be more likely to do something if you can figure out how first? Will you feel more secure in your decision? One question you may wish to ask yourself is whether you are making a decision from your head or your heart?

If you’re making the decision from your head, you’ll likely be looking for the how or the why in your circumstances to justify your choice. There is nothing wrong with finding a sense of safety, security, or reassurance from your circumstances, but if your security comes from your circumstances rather than you being connected with the feeling of knowing that comes from who you truly are, it may end up creating an attachment to that circumstance, and it will block out all other possibilities.

If you are not open to all possibilities, you are not one with infinite possibilities. If you are not one with infinite possibilities, you are not being your true self, you are not being authentic, and what manifests in your life will reflect the limitations you have identified with.

Rather than seek to know why – connect with the part of yourself that is already in knowing. Bring your energy into your body presence and know that the part of you needing to know how or why is not who you truly are. Or, if you’re going to ask why, ask it of your heart and feel the answer rather than listening to any thoughts.

It’s been said that the true solution to a perceived problem cannot be solved by the level of consciousness that creates it. If nothing can be created nor destroyed, you do not solve your problems, but choose to leave them behind like a butterfly sheds its cocoon. Will the cocoon still exist when a butterfly spreads its wings to fly away? Yes. Your perceived problems with questions of why and how will always exist, but who you step into being no longer chooses to identify with them—this is transcendence.

The truth is that you have no problems to solve or questions to answer; you have only the choice to connect with your true self, or stay identified with who you’re not. The only problem is a problem of misperception.

The answer to why—the sky is high—is not dismissive, but points to a greater truth: that there is nothing to understand by the part of you that asks why because when you are being who you truly are, there is nothing to understand.

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One thought on “There is nothing to Understand

  • July 27, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    “Because the sky is high” … its so perfect :) thank you Kirra, Love Ziyah


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