The Truth journey isn’t all about hearing what you like to hear. It’s about hearing those things you will find challenging, the games you play with yourself and others. It’s about taking every Truth inside & outside yourself and assembling a map within yourself that will lead you home to your Truth.

Hear the Truth, feel it, let it hurt you if need be… so you can go beyond the hurt into Love. That lie that just hurt you, that’s not who you are. That story, that’s not who you are. That thought, that’s not who you are.

The Truth game is not just about finding your truth and speaking your truth, but receiving the truth about the parts of yourself that you may not know that you are. One day you’ll realize its not who you are.

It’s not all spiritual bliss and smiles, laughter and ease. It’s about getting to the nitty gritty of why you really do the things you do.

And through giving and receiving Truth, you will wake up to a feeling around hearing the truth and feel a gratitude in accepting it as a gift with love, given to you by Truth itself, by Love itself. Love isn’t always pretty. Love is every little single thing and everything intangible in between. Love can hurt, in the name of Love. And that’s Love, too.


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