Have you ever gotten into an accident or something happened suddenly and forced you into the moment completely so it felt as though you were experiencing it in slow motion? Life can be fast paced while also being in slow motion.

By slowing down on the inside.

There’s something to slowing down, isn’t there? Remember that last time you breathed all the way in consciously, as if to settle in or relax. There’s some kind of peace and refreshment in a moment of a sigh like that – like a reset button.

One conscious breathe is all it takes…

Remember how it feels when you slow down? Don’t you feel centered? Don’t you stop to smell the flowers more, or just feel the sun on your face, or notice the wind kissing your cheek?

Don’t your senses come ALIVE? And don’t you feel more aliveness?

When you are really here in the moment you may notice that life is still moving fast, but inside, it’s slowed down for you to see it all as it’s happening.


Stop looking. Looking for what? Stop looking for change to “improve” things; stop looking for anywhere else to be. Appreciate the moment now.

Stop chasing. Chasing what? An outcome, that point you wish to arrive at. That destination you think is going to be better than what’s right now…

Notice the sounds around you. Notice the sensations in your body. Notice the sound of silence.

Step into the moment as if it’s the most precious moment that ever was or will be.

You can only truly witness your life through the eyes of love when you are seeing through the moment now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Settle into the Moment”

Sometimes your list of things to do is long, or your dreams are so big and your thoughts think that the most important thing is to do those things.

I recorded this “Settle into the Moment 5 minute meditation” with this intention to slow you down just enough to bring more presence into your daily life and practice.

“I love the meditation;
it’s helping me focus and not feel rattled when I’m working.
I feel really calm.”
~Barbara, New York~

It’s designed for you to start your day with deeper presence and bring that with you into the things you do. Or if you find somewhere in your day things get hectic, and you may be present, but not in the now…

…So you can experience more of who you are within, and so you can have more peace.

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