The Power of One

Reclaim your power

Reclaim your destiny

Come next to me

The heart calls for you to return home

Is poetry prose?

No one knows

Do the rules confine you?

Yes they do

Break them all

Your heart knows no bounds

Take your own hand

Take your own walk about


Live full out

You have nothing of importance to lose

Gain, what of love you seek within the lies and the illusions of lies and illusions

You have lost nothing

Pick yourself up

You have never lost a thing

You are still the entire weight of the world

And you are the lightness in between

Within the sheen

Within the shine

Your light will be bright

Shadows exist

What of them persist?

Is your ignorance?

Know the truth

Then live it

Live it with a courage of the infinite

Risk everything

For until you do, you are the illusion of you

The power of One

Is the infinite within

You are that power

You are the only one that can do

Be it or lose it to your mind

Choosing is just to find

Whatever you feel

It cries inside you

It cries like death

It moves you like an explosion

Implode the you that you believe

All those lies, alibis, believe none

Truth is feeling

Feel feel feel love begs of you

To express through you

Flow forth, young heart, meet me in ONE

You are it, you are all

I have never abandoned you

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