The one is calling…

Can you hear its roar

It finds you in a whisper

But the intensity of power

Is like the ocean waves crashing in cosmic thunder

Churning in steady motion

Formless into form

It finds you when you’re resting

When all the silence is stillness

Can you feel it when it shakes you awake?

The power overwhelming

Can you feel the call ?

Infinite voices singing silently a whisper

Can you feel the love uncontained

And your dance to deepen in its mist

Have you prepared your vessel

Are you ready to become…

Can you hear the call of your birthright

Of energy’s wave rolling in the depth

Can you feel the entirety of the world whispering…

Materialize in this dream who you are

It finds you in a whisper

Can you feel its roar?

The one is calling…

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