Somewhere inside myself, I felt to write. When my Revolution of Self began, some version of myself said that writing would be a key to my self. And while it was ever so simple, it felt simply True. So I began to write. And along this journey of writing, I stumbled across many truths and pieces and parts of myself that I did not like, that I felt needed to change. Circumstances in my life changed, and I felt a certain disdain for writing because some of those circumstances appeared to change for the worst in choosing to write. Deep within those circumstances, I began to find more pieces of myself. Delving deeper inside those pieces of myself, I realized it wasn’t the pieces of myself nor the circumstances in life that were for liking or disliking. So I chose to appreciate any pieces I liked or disliked instead; I chose to appreciate the circumstances.

Somewhere along the way, I even stopped writing for a while, even though it was something that I loved. One day I realized that it wasn’t the writing that changed my circumstances, it wasn’t the writing that gave me power, it wasn’t the writing that would save me, and it wasn’t the writing that was the key. It wasn’t whether writing would be a profession or whether I’d write a book or not write a book. It became again about loving to write and the love to experience my self at the depth of Infinite Love… to be that feeling… to become it…

I began to write again in remembering that there is no purpose in my writing, but it is my self to which I connect that gives purpose to this feeling of Love. It is in this writing that I Love that I connect more deeply to Love. And this act of Being changes everything each moment I choose to be it. With or without the writing, there is connection. Any artist, any truth seeker, any writer, dancer, musician, any one who plays sports, does yoga, meditates, or just knows the flow may be able to tell you because they know that it’s love in feeling. It’s acting on feeling, on being moved, on Intuition, on momentum, on potential, with resistance or without it, with fear or without it… Love is connecting with the very life of existence inside.

Your existence is free. That Love is Free. Life force is Free. Presence is Free. Potential is Free. Being yourself is Free. Giving of yourself to yourself… that’s freedom. Choosing to connect with something you love is free. Right here, right now, doesn’t matter who you are, you have that choice. A moment of time in beauty is free, and that moment can even look ugly, but if you feel it, that feeling is free. You are free to feel Love.

You don’t need another person to feel love, you don’t need your circumstances to change, you don’t need to do anything, you don’t need permission, you don’t need anyone or anything else but yourself aligned in the moment that is waiting for you. Let go of all that you need, and this feeling will find you. Breathe it in, let the love come inside your body as you breathe right here right now, and let yourself feel it releasing out of your nostrils with relief and love.

That feeling… you can’t own it, or bottle it up to sell it. You can’t fake it till you make it. You can pretend it in front of anyone else. You can share it with another, but not until you share it with yourself. You can’t keep it unless you’re willing to let it go. And if you need it, you can’t have it. You only need to realize that you are it.

That feeling of Truth, that’s who you already are.

So I’ll keep writing and feel the messages for myself I give receive each day, a new expression of form… from myself, for myself, in each moment, each piece finding the perfect tempo and rhythm … for this is the music of life.

And the Music of Life is Free…


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