Yesterday I went out on a lake to play with a bunch of kids. We swam across a cove. I jumped off a houseboat into the water. And I let them hurt me being pulled by an inter-tube behind a boat. It was terrifying; I’ve also never laughed so hard.

As ever, had I listened to my thoughts, I would have stayed in to work on writings or my business. “I” had things that I had to do according to my thoughts. I wouldn’t have jumped in because it is relatively freezing and because it was going to rain… because in my head I couldn’t be bothered to get all wet, and logically, I’d already taken a shower.

There were many “becauses” that spoke of reason, but there was one feeling.

The feeling whispered to dive in two feet first. Then, one of the most magical experiences unfolded before my eyes. When we began to swim, it started to pour down rain. The wind died completely and the raindrops fell so that each droplet came into the water and then up out of the water once more, as if tiny droplets jumped out of the lake in each moment, all across the lake. I was eye level with billions and billions of drops popping up like a dance.

The water droplet metaphor, or symbol, has been one of the biggest signposts of meaning for me since starting my self-awareness journey inward. As I looked across the distance, it felt infinite, for my eyes could see no end to the droplets forming everywhere around me in the water. The feeling washed over me to see such a sight to remind me of what’s truly important: aliveness.

The water droplet is a metaphor that I love because the drop appears separate, as if to be finite. Yet, it is actually just a part of the greater body of water, representing the infinite. Who you are to the thinking mind, in your body, appears separate, too, but in your heart, in truth, you are actually the greater body of water, the infinite formless energy, the drop only being who you are in form.

To think I almost did anything else but to witness something so special to my heart. I could not have known that this would be my experience by taking a chance to jump into the lake, especially when I knew it would rain. Sometimes it’s the rain you want, even when your head tells you it’s only sunshine that you yearn for.

While I had no camera, I realized no photo could possibly capture the feeling I now hold in my heart. It is in these moments I’m humbled naturally, grateful to be alive, no matter what happens, no matter what challenges I face. I was humbled by myself through the waters that came to dance for me, to remind me of who I am in that moment.

I believe these are the simple moments that movies sometimes capture and highlight how beautiful life is… but also how life passes by in a flash.

But when you’re paying attention, it all passes like a miracle, one miracle leading into the next. And when you open your heart to taking a chance, big or small, there is an opportunity to realize it’s not just in the more grand moments, it’s sometimes in watching a feather float down before your feet, it’s seeing the wind caress the trees, the aliveness of a car drive by; it’s watching whatever is around you in any moment and feeling the aliveness of your own presence emanating through all things.

It’s the little things that take you through the challenges. I know what it is to be afraid of ghosts, “real” and imagined. I believe we all are faced with the phantom of fear, but it is not that we are challenged, it is how we choose to move through it that matters, that rises us to heights beyond our mortal limitations of being the drop, “real” or imagined…

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