One word can sum up a lifetime of any limitation you’ve ever experienced…

One word underlies the reason why you’ve ever chosen not to follow your heart…

It’s the kryptonite to doing what you love.

It’s the one thing that prevents you from expressing the parts of you that you’d love to express.

It’s what stops you from saying how you really feel.

It’s the mechanism keeping you from choosing a new way of life, where the old way you know in your heart is holding you back.

And it’s keeping you from your true power.

Yes, you could say fear, but why?

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Isn’t it JUDGMENT?

A judgment is anything that prevents you from seeing, feeling and being your truth. It’s a perception, emotion (positive or negative charge), or label that creates the appearance of separation.

Judgment worries about consequences. It worries about what others will think.

It’s the part of you that may think, “but I can’t because…”

“I’m too old, I’m too young, I don’t have enough money, I am afraid to spend the money I have, I’ll hurt that person, I care what they think, they won’t understand, if I do this I’ll lose them, I’ll lose out on…, I’ll be breaking my commitment (to them at the price of breaking my commitment to my own heart), I don’t know how, but it doesn’t make sense, it’s wrong.”

If you ever experience any of those thoughts- aren’t they judgments?

The truth is you’re infinite. If you’re experiencing a limitation, are you not in judgment? (of yourself)

The truth is you are your heart. If you’re choosing not to follow it, are you not in judgment of what it’s moving you towards? (or the “consequences”)

The truth is you are love, or life itself. If you’re not doing what you love, are you not in judgment? (of true possibilities, of how it will unfold, ultimately of yourself)

The truth is who you truly are IS already authentic. If you’re not expressing your authenticity or saying how you really feel, are you not in judgment (of how another will receive you)?

The truth is that you’re infinite. If you’re choosing behaviors you know keep you small, are you not in judgment?

How to overcome and transcend judgment? 

1) Decide to do what you feel despite what others may say, how they may react, or what the world thinks.

(hint: how the world is showing up is a reflection of your internal judgment)

2) Embrace how you feel throughout the process – open to all of how it makes you feel – or how another reacts makes you feel.

3) Tell the TRUTH: “I am not these emotions, I am not these limitations, I am not these reflections, I am NOT this judgment.”

Say what must be said to honor your soul, because when you are doing what’s true for you, you allow others to experience what’s true for them.

Be aware if you’re in judgment whether that’s going to be a positive or negative experience for another.

Your judgments are there to show you where you have power outside of yourself—transcend them by speaking your truth, living your truth, and following your heart no matter the circumstances.

What is the price you pay when you act on your judgments (emotions, perceptions, thoughts, fears, logic) instead of your truth (intuition, love, creativity, possibility)?

You reinforce the judgment. You reinforce your limitation. You pay the price of freedom.

If you want more freedom to choose the way of love in any given moment, take space alone, feel what’s true for you in your heart—what you love, and then act on it.

Freedom is a feeling.

Intuition is a feeling.

If you want more freedom and space to have more of that feeling, act on that voice that speaks without judgment.

Love is a feeling (I’m not referring to romantic love)—the kind of love that is the same feeling you could call life itself. It feels like freedom and peace. It’s happiness for no reason. It has no opposite, not even death… it’s energy, and it’s who you truly are.


“We’re always our best when we act as though we have nothing to lose.”

– Kirra Sherman

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