A friend said recently in a moment of reflection, ‘you can either see life as an accident or a miracle.’

I asked, ‘which one do you see?’

He replied, ‘I choose to see it as a miracle.’

And in that moment, I remembered, it’s a choice you make. You make that choice by default in every moment whether you like that truth or not.

If you see your life circumstances as miraculous, you’ll be closer to remembering that your life events are happening not “to” you as if a victim to what happens, but because of you–to support you. In other words: everything in your life is actually happening for you.

You have the choice to be bigger than your circumstances and see them as miraculous, even if they cause pressure, even if you judge them, even if you don’t like them. Or you can be a victim.

But the truth is, your heart is bigger and you are not a victim.

The Lesson to Happiness # 4: What would be different if you saw everything as happening for you to realize your truth of the moment?

And if they are happening for you, how is what’s happening supporting you? What if you asked for them to happen? …even if to show you your limitations so you can choose to remember the infinite you… the you that sees through the eyes of love?

What if you choose to see everything in your life is a miracle? 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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