(Day 3 of a Guide to Happiness continued from Lessons 1 & 2. Lesson for Happiness #2 was:  Give all your LOVE, full attention, and 100% presence into every little thing, not 99%, but 100%. Devote yourself to nothing but the moment you’re in, little or small. Ask yourself in every moment: am I truly here? I am devoting all of myself to this one moment?)

And if you feel you can’t be in the moment, give your life more space. But what does, “give your life space” mean? What is it that you’re giving YOUR LIFE SPACE FROM?

Sometimes it’s from other people, and sometimes it’s from the things you don’t love, but do out of fear.

And much of the time, isn’t it thoughts?… thoughts of not enoughs, thoughts of future worries, thoughts of what will happen if I do that, thoughts of what I don’t have, thoughts of what if this doesn’t happen, thoughts of what if that does happen, thoughts of I’m thinking too much, thoughts of how I’m not doing it right, thoughts of how someone else isn’t doing it right, thoughts of how others do it better than meworse than me, thoughts of how life is great because that just happened, thoughts of how much life sucks because that didn’t happen, thoughts of a conversation long finished, thoughts of how this is good, thoughts of I wish, thoughts that you’ll never be  fill in the blank enough … thoughts that you’ll always be  fill in the blank  … thoughts that your life will never be  fill in the blank enough  … thoughts that your life will always be  fill in the blank  …thoughts that you will arrive some time in the future.

If when I stand in my kitchen and I observe them full of dishes, I have the choice to allow thought to convince me of unhappiness: “why do you always have to do the dishes, my mom made me do them and I hate that, this is my lot in life, it’ll never get better than this, nobody ever helps me…” for example the thoughts may say.

IF you are not aware that YOU are not your thoughts, you may believe that all the stories, ills and problems in your reality are true. Because IS IT your circumstances themselves that cause unhappiness? Or, IS IT how you’re filtering and perceiving your circumstances through past experiences and thoughts: judgments?

The greatest way to overcome your “problems” is NOT to fix, improve, or change your life circumstances, but to bring more space and awareness to what’s causing your “problems”: JUDGMENT. Judgment is poison to happiness, to being in the moment, to experiencing ALIVENESS.

“See any unhappiness in your life for the judgment that it is.”
Key to Happiness #3: Do not believe any thought that crosses your mind. Decide that no thought can take you away from the ALIVENESS. Know that all thoughts are judgments: labels, often positively or negatively charged. Be aware of how they are influencing yourhappiness (who you are) and decide to be in love (who you are) anyway.

Rather than fixing your circumstances, embrace your judgments, let them be, and decide to be who you are, no matter what your circumstances, especially when you perceive them to be positive. The more you become aware of your charges, they will drop themselves when they are no longer supporting you.

In the meantime, use what bothers you to remember who you truly are.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Look out for Lesson 4 tomorrow…

what you have will never be enough until you're enough

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