(Day 2 of a Guide to Happiness continued from The Guide to Happiness Lesson 1, FULL ENTRY CLICK HERELesson for Happiness #1: Do what you love all of the time; do only what you love in every moment. If you’re going to plan, plan your life around what you love, but one day you may cut out the plan, and go moment by moment. Ask yourself: “What is the moment loving for me to do?”)

And yet, so many moments of life are made up of the “insignificant things,” the doing of the dishes, taking the dog for a walk, in transit, eating, putting on clothes, on the job, brushing teeth, preparing… all those little things add up into a day, a week, a lifetime…
Are you approaching any of the little things as a means to an end? Right now I’m writing. I love it. Right now you’re reading. Are you rushing these words, looking for the “point”, are you reading but with one foot out the door of the moment for the next big thing to happen to you, for you to meet the “special someone”. Are you waiting for anything at all? Or are you just letting the words and feeling and experience wash over you to delve deeper into the moment?
Why don’t we just be here in the moment that is, no matter what is in the moment?

When I stand in my kitchen and observe them full of dishes, I can choose the truth or resistance. I take one conscious breath in and remember the truth: I amALIVE. And washing dishes is what’s here now, and I can be aliveness while doing them. I step deeper into the moment and I remember I love my dishes, love their color, texture, the fact that I have them, that I have enough food to eat from them. And then no more thought. Just being. All of a sudden the dishes are finished, but I’m still in joy, in the moment… IN love, IN life.
If you bring all your love and attention into something, it becomes joy, because you become one with that something in the moment, IN LOVE, IN LIFE. When there is no separation between you and life and what you do and love, there is only ALIVENESS.
What happens after the dishes anyway?! What happens after this moment? Nothing happens. The next moment comes. Why rush?
If you’re not putting your love, your presence, into every little thing you do, do you really think you’ll be happy?
Lesson to Happiness #2: Give all your LOVE, full attention, and 100% presence into every little thing, not 99%, but 100%. Devote yourself to nothing but the moment you’re in.

Ask yourself in every moment: am I truly here? I am devoting all of myself to this one moment?

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Look out for Lesson 3 tomorrow…

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truth is everlasting
truth is everlasting

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