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Many wise teachings point to the nature of the old. Watch the wise old because they have weathered many storms and know that in the end, nothing really matters.

To be affected by life is part of the journey, but you do not need to be very old to realize that there is a deeper part of you unaffected by life. The more you experience that who you truly are isn’t affected by what happens or doesn’t happen, you can live as though nothing really matters in your circumstances. And when nothing really matters on the outside, that’s when you have more freedom to do everything that truly matters to your heart.

Part of the life journey is being affected. I was disappointed by life growing up: by religion, by “god”, by my parents, by rejection, by not making the volleyball team, by a million and one life experiences that did matter then, and mattered as a young adult because I believed that I was small, hurt, damaged, and undeserving because of it. I thought that my experiences impacted who I was. They impacted my character, but not the part of me in my heart. And those experiences built my character to take the journey of my heart.

But the next part of the life journey is when you have the opportunity to remember who you are beyond being affected by circumstances, past disappointments, and future worries. Who are you beyond the pain?

To know the answer to that question, you must open your heart if it’s closed… Because the part of you in your heart is never tainted, ruined, affected, or damaged, but you may need to open your heart to feeling in the NOW.

When I began my journey back to my heart, every time I’ve faced those disappointments or felt hurt, I’ve opened my heart to no longer feel afraid of pain. When you’ve opened up to face your fear of pain, you’re usually no longer avoiding pain and only chasing pleasure through your circumstances; and that is when you have choice to stop controlling your life circumstances out of fear. And when you stop controlling your circumstances, you can begin to purely follow the feeling of aliveness within.

The love within you has a strength of a thousand oceans to face any challenge, and seize any opportunity. But if you don’t follow the feeling: intuition, love, knowing, heart, alignment, truth, aliveness, how will life give you the opportunity if you don’t say yes?

Say YES to the feeling, no matter what… not because you will build grand circumstances, but because the more you follow that feeling, the more you will know yourself as that aliveness, and the less you will let your circumstances define who you are. That is freedom.

The more you know yourself beyond believing that your circumstances have anything to do with who you are, the more you will feel as though your limitations, thoughts, fears, insecurities, and worries HAVE NO POWER, the more you will be free to LOVE: do what you love, have what you love, and be what you love.

The more you know yourself as the depth of the ocean rather than the waves on the surface, the more you will feel free just to be yourself, just as you are.

Know the one infinite heart inside yourself and others, and everything else works itself out.

nothing is greater or less than us

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