The more I experience life, the more I realize how simple it is. Do what you love, say what feels true, do what feels true, and be one with the energy moving you.
Because when you follow your truth, you are connected with your heart space, and life becomes effortlessly beautiful. And when you are in this feeling, don’t you naturally feel whole and complete?
When you are separate from the presence that you are, life can become difficult. It can become about what’sgood in your life, and what’s bad in your life. It can become about fixing, improving, or changing your life and bettering yourself. And it also becomes a game of what you need to get from others and your circumstances, rather than what love and presence you can give to your life. And many times, it comes from a fear of not having enough… of not being enough.
But when you’re 100% in the present moment, being one with your heart energy, are you afraid of not having enough?
When you’re in your heart, do you feel as though you’re not enough?
When you’re being yourself, and expressing the authentic part of you, are you looking for outside approval from others?
When you’re doing what you love, are you trying to change your circumstances?
When you are connected with the energy of life, are you labeling things outside of yourself as positive or negative, good or bad?

To rest easy in your circumstances, first rest easy in your heart, and bring yourself to remember to move to the beat of your drum, your heart, your true authentic you, and all of the problems you perceive to have will naturally disappear. “Stuck” will morph into inspired action, and flow will resume as you’ve decided to join it.

The truth is the more you experience the authentic you through the presence of your heart the less you need to control life, the less you judge what is. Peace is found there, and so is the awareness to choose your life anew.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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