Has something happened in your life that you really were asking for, really wanted, but when it came to fruition, it felt like no big deal?

Have you ever received a gift from friends, family, or gave a gift to yourself—where the moment you got what you wanted, it seemed distant to you somehow? Maybe you were happy in your mind, but you weren’t feeling the enthusiasm of it…

Or perhaps you’ve experienced a feeling of guilt when you receive something, almost as if you don’t deserve it. There might be an excitement there, but guilt accompanies it.

If you feel anything but pure joy from what you’re manifesting into your life, you may not be truly receiving what you’re getting.

Simply, the art of receiving is feeling. You have to feel the love of what you receive.

If someone places a gift into your hands, you are physically receiving it, but receiving with meaning is more than just physical, you have to feel it.

To receive with meaning, you must have an open heart to deserve it.

Recently I wrote about how to know you deserve something (click here to revisit the full article).

-You don’t deserve something because you need it, although fear may drive you to attain it.
-You don’t deserve because you’ve worked hard, although when you work hard, you usually appreciate it because you worked hard (and appreciation is a form of love).
-You don’t deserve just because you want, often wanting comes into your head from a place of lack.
-Finally, while you do know you deserve something when you actually manifest it into your life, if you don’t feel you deserve it, are you experiencing it fully? No. Can you truly connect with the love of anything if a feeling of undeserving stands in the way?

In fact, if you’re not fully receiving, isn’t a part of you rejecting?


The only true way to know that you really deserve anything in life is because you love it. And by love, I mean feel the love of it: connection.

Why? Because when you’re in a state of love, you’re being one with it. If there is no separation, isn’t it already yours, and if something is yours, don’t you naturally feel you deserve it?

Remember, love isn’t an intellectual notion; love is a feeling. You can’t really think love in your mind—that’s pretending.

There was a time in my life where “I” thought I deserved everything, but it was from a place of insecurity and lack that I wished to fill myself up. A part of me felt entitled because it was overcompensating for the part of me that is insecure: ego.

Then there was a time in my life where “I” felt I deserved nothing. It was difficult to receive anything because once I stripped back the egoic overcompensation, a part of me felt I deserved nothing. A simple ‘thank you’ was forced out of obligation because I wasn’t connected with my heart. People said I was ungrateful, but underneath it, I just felt small and undeserving.

In my experience, there are two sides of ego to watch when receiving. Ego is entitled or undeserving. If you’re in entitlement or undeserving, you’re in ego, and when you’re in ego, you can’t receive with love.

You can give gifts, you can receive them. You can thank others, and you can say ‘you’re welcome,’ but if your action and your words are without feeling, are they not empty?

Ego is empty. Ego is devoid of feeling.

To give & receive with meaning, you must connect with who you truly are through feeling your own aliveness.

The art of receiving takes being one with who you are as energy (love, being, oneness). And isn’t the art of happiness, peace, contentment, love, and feeling ALIVE also found in that sense of connection?

Ultimately, it seems to me that no one has a problem with receiving. No one has a problem with undeserving, with lack, with money, or with an inability to make decisions. No one has a problem with knowing how, with a lack of appreciation, or with abundance.

If you perceive to have these problems, know that you do not, but perhaps you do have a lack of connection with who you truly are in your heart.

Ask yourself when you are 100% in the present moment, do you feel undeserving? When you are feeling one with your heart, do you not naturally feel abundant, whole, and complete? When you are 100% in the now, do you have any problems?

Perhaps the only problem anyone actually has in receiving is an identity “problem.”

You, your perception of who you think you are (ego) gets in the way of experiencing who you truly are. If you are entitled, remember that’s not who you are, it’s ego. If you’re experiencing lack, undeserving, emotional reactions, and fear, remember: that’s not you either.

Go into your heart. Go deeper inside and connect with your natural state of appreciation for life itself.

Remember the truth: You ARE aliveness. You ARE the energy of love. And if you aren’t feeling the connection with love, become aware: “I’m not that.”

For now, no matter what holiday, religion, or practice you have, or what part of the world you live in or come from, there is no better time than the present moment to perfect the art of giving and receiving… within yourself.

At the simplest and deepest level of truth, aren’t you only ever looking for one thing: the feeling of love and joy and warmth and peace in mind… connection with the infinite.

Isn’t the feeling of love what all the dreams you have are meant to give you? Isn’t that what all the things you desire promise to give you? So ask yourself, is it things or dreams, or is it feeling that you’re truly looking for?

May you receive all that truly matters to you in your life. May you never give up on knowing who you truly are, and in that, deserve and receive fully all that you love.


Kirra Sherman


To receive a gift of knowing your true self at a deeper level, click here to learn about an experience that changed my life and supported me to feel.

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