Do nothing until it’s uncomfortable, if for no other reason than to overcome your fears of what happens when you do nothing. Nothing happens. And even if what you fear does happen, you often realize that the somethings you fear aren’t as bad as you thought. Nothing happens even when something happens.

When what you feared would happen, happens, you realize that what you feared loses its power; you may no longer fear it. You realize ‘this isn’t the end.’ And you realize you’re always supported.

Why else is nothingness uncomfortable? Many fear nothingness because ‘who are you’ without all the doings building your security or identity?

The art of doing nothing doesn’t include thinking, planning your circumstances, or even being creative. Ego will use creativity as another form of ‘enlightened’ doing. Nothing means being one with the space of the unmanifested, no-thought presence where all of the important somethings no longer mean anything.

Then you realize you are the truth, not dependent on the outside for happiness.

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