Sometimes the best thing you can do for your world is to do nothing. It can be more productive, and empowering than filling your time with a lot of somethings. Because being in nothingness is actually something profound.

Doing nothing takes being, and being is powerful. One moment of being can shift your life. And doing nothing confronts fear in ways your limited mind isn’t designed to conceive, can’t understand.

Sometimes it’s the fear of “not doing” that’s driving what you’re doing. And if fear (security, money, approval, recognition, etc) is driving what you’re doing, you will realize it’s not what you do or don’t do that creates happiness, but the absence of fear in whatever you do. In other words, the space where the doing is coming from. If you’re doing comes from fear, stop and do nothing because everything built from fear creates more fear.

When your action is driven by fear, the world in your mind and the world in your life becomes like a tumultuous storm, thoughts like large waves crashing, wave upon wave creating more thought, more fear taking hold of your being. It takes space of being, sometimes of being in nothingness, to settle the waves of fear and become very still again.

If you’re doing out of fear, do nothing until inspiration finds you again. And it will find you, but you must give it space. Isn’t it in stillness that love finds you? It’s in the stillness that your heart guides you. Love speaks in stillness.

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