The tao shares a message of the simplicity of the uncarved block. The uncarved block, metaphorically, is the unmanifested, nothingness. It can become anything, so it represents the infinite. It is in the most pure state, the formless. It is oneness. And it is also a reminder that happiness can be found in simplicity, in a block, even in nothing, just aliveness.

The energy that you can feel within your body, without labels, is the most true “shape”… infinite, unmanifested energy. Beyond identity, beyond circumstances, beyond limitation, beyond form or body is who you truly are: energy, space, infinite, possibility, love, potential, expression, non-expression. You are energy that uses the body that you use to experience life. But underneath the mask of the body, you are like the uncarved block.

Look out for Part V of “The Art of Doing Nothing” tomorrow…
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