Living by love, the meaning of success changes. Success becomes following the voice of love. Failure becomes following fear or giving into limitations, ego, pain, emotions, and not having the courage to follow what is true for you. But in every following of fear you have the opportunity to learn a life lesson – to find the courage once more to follow love. You may fail in the story, you may succeed, but you are still free.

A friend recently said, “but I feel like I’m taking steps backwards”, and one can always see certain circumstances as “setbacks”, but only if you decide that it’s the end. If it’s not the end, it’s not backwards. It’s a step backwards in the story perhaps, but the story continues to change form. And if it’s the end of that form, that story, it’s still not the end of your aliveness, your love to create. Even as the body dies, it’s the end of the story of that body, but the energy lives; it’s not the end.

There is no end. There is also no beginning. There is only the now…

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Found at the bottom of my cup "randomly"
Found at the bottom of my cup “randomly”

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