Place your heart above your Mind

Dear Readers,

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Every thanksgiving, I really connect with what’s truly important to me in my life, and I reflect on what I am thankful for.

This thanksgiving I realized above all else, I’m so grateful to my heart that it came to find me and rescue me from the insanity of my mind.

I’m so thankful that every time I’ve followed intuition, the voice of love, it’s been worth the precious connection I’ve experienced that without which life was for me, meaningless. I’m so thankful to the whisperings of my soul, and the relentless thoughts in my mind both supporting me to come home to the one I’ve always known that I am.

My whole life has changed because no matter what resistance I’ve faced, no matter the challenges, no matter how hard I’ve fallen down, I always get back up.

May you use your courage within to choose your heart over resistance no matter how hard it may sometimes seem. May you connect with whatever it takes to tame the voices in your own mind by observing them with love and deciding to follow your heart despite any thoughts convincing you any other way.

May you realize that the force of love is always within you and that you do have the power to overcome limitations of any size.

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With love,



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