“In the year that I have been supported by Kirra to cultivate this beingness, to embody who I am in Truth, I find myself more in the magical flow of life. Life has become a creative dynamic dance of limitless infinite energy. It is so much fun to live this way, from love, connection, and fullness rather than fear, doubt, or lack. Her loving presence has brought me more deeply into remembering my truth. I am so grateful to have dedicated myself to working with her. Worth absolutely every penny!”

– Betsy, Yoga & Body Work Teacher, NY (Revolution of Self Intensive)

“OMG!  Thank you!”

-Eileen, New York (Groups & One-on-One Sessions)

“Kirra has helped me get in touch with feelings that I never thought were possible to feel. She has helped me neutralize the positives and negatives in my daily circumstances, and get to a place of peace and calm. Though things can still be crazy, they rarely affect me now. She has this amazing ability to help me stay present, and highlight any bullshit, even though we are thousands of miles apart. And even though the fear is still there, it doesn’t run my life anymore. I have learned to connect with—and act on—the desires that used to be masked by fears.”

– Mandy, Designer, NY (Revolution of Self Intensive)

“The work we did together created space in my life. I work 1/2 as hard with more success, joy, and living in the moment!  And the group sessions were quite amazing and mind-blowing, like WOW!”

-Leora, New York (Groups & One-on-One Sessions)

“I have always felt my intuitive gifts and over the years shut them down because I was scared of hurting people. Working with Kirra has given me access and space to tune back in. It feels so much more natural and me! I’m dropping the nicey-nice parts of me so that I can live more authentically and follow my true desires.” 

“When I met Kirra, I thought I was done hiring coaches because my life was already pretty great. But I felt pulled to her, and she was able to see the places I was still hiding in my life and helped me face them. Every time I want to quit, Kirra shows me another layer of the puzzle that makes me want to go deeper. I never thought I would be where I am now.”

-Suzanne, NY Times best-selling author, New York (Group & One-on-One)

“Working with Kirra, I just feel more consistently in that state of presence throughout my life.”

-Soleiman, Los Angeles (Weekly One-on-One 1/2 hour sessions)

“In just one session with Kirra, I experienced life transformation. She helped me move from a place of Being the “idea” of love, light, and spiritual, to Being TRUTH. Living Truth.  I experienced shifting into my Inner Knowingness, Loving, and Power and have been able to translate that into the rest of my life, feeling more authentic in my marriage, my business, and most importantly with myself. I have made big decisions, that in the past might have felt deeply challenging, with grace and ease. I feel more ME than I have ever felt in my adult life, and I feel Free. This was unique and different from any other Coaching experience I have had so far because there was less “talk therapy” or “conversation” and so much SHIFTING into Truth, into my Core and the experience of that. I am eternally grateful to the gift that Kirra brings to the world by living and breathing HER Truth so authentically.”

-Cora, Coach, New York (Groups & One-on-One)

“Thank you Kirra Sherman for giving me such a gift this evening, my truth. You are out of this world at what you do.I began working with Kirra at a time in my life where my business was expanding and I was feeling overwhelmed. I was also in the midst of a dating relationship that wasn’t moving forward and I couldn’t figure out why. Kirra supported me in first recognizing what my true feelings were around feeling BIG in the world. We looked at different places in my life where I could create space. After my first session I uncluttered a majority of my apartment which left me with a home that feels light and a space that I can create in. During another session we looked at using my voice to speak my truth and release some old people pleasing habits that I had developed. That evening I trusted my own power and spoke up for myself with the man I had been dating. It felt so good to speak with no attachment to the outcome. I received an immediate apology but that wasn’t what mattered; it was the courage to own my own happiness and voice!”
-Leora, Business Owner, New York (Groups & One-on-One)
“Working w/Kirra is a deeply profound experience. She is a clear receiver and transmitter of Universal Energy. Egoless, only there to help and guide you to your own truth…to shine the light on the darkness. Her reflection of WHAT IT TRUE comes through so clear that the confusion and pain falls away, layer by layer … at a core level. Honest, diplomatic and humble as can be … she is a very gifted woman.”
-Ziyah, Independent, Los Angeles (One-on-One)

“How can I describe the way that meeting Kirra at a job interview ended up being an experience that changed my life forever? Id had no outside connection, and was alone in a city of millions, meeting her felt like a perfect alignment with fate. She has helped me with things I’ve feared for a very long time and really helped me learn to listen to my intuition! Where I was in my life, and what Kirra had done for me really felt like a hand reaching down as I climbed up the last few stairs and opened a door to a brighter beginning of a new chapter. I really recommend her service, as it opens you to a huge range of new opportunities and reroutes your sights to a much clearer perception of everyday and every moment!”

-Kerri, Hospitality, Pennsylvania (Group & One-on-One)

“I heard you speak for the first time at Goddess on the Go NYC. I heard you tell the truth about yourself to the entire room of women.  I was inspired by how many times you came back to the truth in your speaking. I was moved by your apparent self-acceptance and freedom.  I knew I wanted it too. The results of our two conversations and now, my listening to your webinars, is that I have a clear focus on my daily practices.  I am inspired by not just sensing my own potential, but acting in accordance with it, intuiting my way and being willing to feel into it.  I’ve gained clear insight into my own circumstance, found compassion to embrace my present, in all of its facets and found hope in doing what I love, any way.”

-Sarah, Mother, New York (Online Truth Sessions)


“Kirra speaks such a solid truth – it moves like an arrow to reach you exactly where you need it the most. After listening to her presentation, I had a much clearer sense of where I’m at and what I had to do to get to where I want to be. it’s so refreshing to listen to a teacher that won’t compromise truth.”

-Rebecca, NY

“Kirra… a badass inspirational speaker to all those aligned with their truth and to those looking to be more in line with their truth. She holds wisdom and space to support you on your path.”

-Marisa, NY

“Wow! I don’t even know where to begin except to speak in ALL CAPS and exclamation points!!!! The wordlessness, the speechlessness that I felt about Kirra’s power. Please understand that I am not at all inflated when I say that she is the TRUTH. The walking, talking, embodied truth in that she speaks the truth of her own existence with such strength and conviction that one cannot help being moved into the strength and conviction of their own. My life will never be the same, and I knew it the moment she looked into my eyes, literally. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

-Sunny, NY

“The more I’m around you the more wowwed I am by the channel that you are. Thanking for “BRINGING IT ALL OUT’ yesterday. You filled that room with love and gave the women there  a new expereince to see what is possible when we begin to trust ourselves and own our truth.”

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