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There are those who become coaches to learn tools and techniques and advice to support someone into success, or change their lives. However, much of the change people desire is to escape a feeling of lack, or remove an emptiness that they feel within, or it feels as if something is missing. Naturally, they believe if they improve their life circumstances, they will improve how they feel about themselves.

The desire to change your life is not a good or bad thing, but if you attempt to change the circumstances of your life, you will not necessarily disappear that underlying sense that something is missing, even if you change your mindset or become a positive thinker, that is only on the surface of your identity.

It is when searching for something greater within yourself that you will take yourself on a journey that few truly partake in. When you change your life because you feel called to something greater in yourself, because you can feel that you are part of something greater, and in following the feeling of intuition, you’ll be led to more fulfillment, and to realize how much you are a part of that something greater.

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There are those who do not use tools or techniques to help others become successful or change the surface of their lives, but use their knowing of themselves to support others to find that something greater within. First, one cultivates a deeper connection with their self through being, transforming not the surface identities out of a feeling of lack, but begin to know their own fullness and through honesty and awareness, follow intuition and the heart. You are not changing the surface of your circumstances or your identities, but you will feel as though everything in your life has changed, and you will flow along with it’s changes, but with certainty, not out of fear.

For this second kind of mentor, coaching is not so much about helping other people as it is using coaching to realize your own truth and facilitate your own transformation. There are no accolades, graduate degrees, phd’s, or certifications to connect you with this deeper sense of certainty in who you are in being. 

But, the process is not for the faint of heart, and it requires a deep dedication to awareness and great willingness to unearth the different masks you may not even realize that you may be wearing. It is for those who seek their deepest heart’s calling, for the soul’s dream to awaken in you, and if it’s for you, it will be the most cherished journey you ever take.

Once you find this for yourself, which no one is capable of giving or taking away, there is a greater contentment that will overtake you because you will know yourself as that something greater you once only thought you were a mere part of.