“The way to enlightenment is not to seek enlightenment but to seek your self.  It is not a path to live by but a way of living.”

– Amir Zoghi –

Many people seek enlightenment as if it were a destination to arrive at, a prize or a status to attain. Those people are using spirituality or enlightenment as a form of food for their ego. It is only the ego that seeks the prize, status or the greater destination to arrive at. Why? Because only the ego feels as though there is something missing and it seeks what it feels it lacks in your life circumstances.

You see, a person who is truly enlightened would identify that their life circumstances have nothing to do with life itself. An enlightened person would know themself to be life and not their life circumstances. Life is your energy, it is your bliss, your love and your eternal birth right, whereas your life circumstances are things like the types of car you may drive, the home you live in, or your financial circumstances.

Enlightenment can only be realised by embracing life, and embracing life because you feel so drawn to become one with life. You feel a yearning for life itself and not because you are looking to become more powerful, to arrive at the ultimate destination, or to gain greater status. Enlightenment is not about what you do or what you have in your life circumstances; it is about embracing, connecting and being one with life itself – being one with that infinite energy that instills all of life.

This week try not to be concerned about where your path came from or worry about where it is leading you. Instead try and become aware of life in this moment and you will be amazed with what life has in store for you. Become aware of nature, your breath and the presence in your body. When you and life are one, then your life circumstances will reflect the wholeness and power that you feel within yourself as life. Then your ego would not be seeking for what it feels it lacks because you would no longer lack.

Good luck to you my friend, not that you need it.


Written by Amir Zoghi

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