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I remember a moment of frustration, a moment of wishing in one moment that some simple circumstance in my life was different.

Resistance to this carried over into the other things I began to do that day.

While I was in the midst of laundry, the universe sent words of wisdom to me through another being to remind me that I had choice.

“Do all things with love.” As I folded the sheets, the linen towels and clothes, made the bed, and vacuumed the floor, I put love into those acts. I put love into everything I did that morning, and the appreciation I felt for my life and for the moment expanded.

And the love I felt spilled over into all areas of my life.

Tip of the Day: Do all things with Love

Do all things with love not because it will change your experiences, or change your circumstances, but because at the core of your being, love is who you are.

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