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Writing this blog has become one of my favorite things to share as I’m sharing my personal passions, my experiences, and the wisdom I’ve gleaned from doing what I love and being who I love to be. AND, I’m doing something new and I’d love to share it with you.

Over the past few years since I first began this blog, Revolution of Self, there is no part of myself that hasn’t experienced a change in my life through perception, feeling of openness, more freedom, less fear, and more love. It has been with the support of working with my own mentors to integrate my heart within myself that I’ve felt at home inside my own skin. I’ve undergone a Revolution of Self inside myself, which I learned was really a resolution of self…

Lately, I have felt more and more inspired to begin supporting others to realize the same experience of peace and security through the transformation of Intuition coaching and following my own personal path of Truth.

It is for this reason I’m offering Intuition coaching in a way that truly inspires me. I’m taking on NEW clients and I’m offering one-on-one sessions in a NEW way I’ve never done before – using a sliding scale using a tuition personalized to you.

If you are interesting in taking up this offer, join me for a 20-minute consultation to decide whether Intuition coaching is for you and to agree upon the sliding scale price point for you.

What is Intuition Coaching? – Read more click here

If you have any questions, or to book in a consultation, contact me on 310.606.9559.


Kirra Sherman



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