The more you know who you are in your heart, the more that you infuse meaning into what you do. It’s as if you naturally bring more love to your conversations and presence to your relationships by listening to who is speaking with intent. In fact, you bring more focus into everything that you do. There is less going-through-the-motions. Connection seeps into everything, the ultimate connection being to yourself.

Ironically, this way of life renders everything meaningless. If you currently find meaning in what you do, that can be a disappointing realisation. If you can accept it, you will realise the freedom that comes with this truth. Imagine!! Nothing you do or don’t do meansanything about who you are.

When there is no meaning, there is no need to chase anything outside of the moment. Whether you succeed or fail, it doesn’t mean anything about you. Imagine that no matter what happens or doesn’t in your life, no matter what you do or don’t have, you feel completely happy, content, and secure.

It is only when you place meaning on results and external circumstances that they then have the power to control you. If you seek meaning in the external rather than in yourself, you will find it, but you will become a slave to it.

When you find purpose and meaning inside, everything in your external world simply becomes a reflection of that. Whether you fail or you succeed, if you’ve brought your heart into the endeavor, you’ve brought the meaning and purpose to it. It’s meaningful; but it’s meaningful because you are.

Life is about playing, and it’s about playing to win… because that’s what makes it exciting. Playing to win makes it more rewarding, interesting, and alive. But it’s not fun when you are playing only for the outcome rather than enjoying the journey. That’s not playing, that’s chasing meaning in the external from fear and lack. True fulfilment comes from love within. All else is temporary.

When you aren’t driven by outside meaning, then everything can have a greater depth of connection and purpose. Your purpose becomes a connection with love, with yourself… with ALIVENESS. It becomes less about a dream to fall in love with another, and more about falling in love with each moment, who ever is there with you to share it, if anyone.

Find meaning in your heart, in who you are. There is a joy that lives in the moment, and it is present with you always. Joy is who you are. You do not need to find it, or create it; you need to know yourself. That’s why it’s been said that you need only remove the barriers you have built against love.

In any moment you are not in joy, know that there is resistance (judgments, thoughts) blocking you from experiencing the truth, resistance being of the ego.

In any moment of awareness, you can bring yourself back to remembering that everything in your external world is meaningless, but there can be an even greater purpose and meaning in every little detail of your external world—when you are the one touching your external world with the love that you truly are.


“You don’t need to learn to love yourself,
You need to know yourself.”

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