Today’s message is inspired by you, and me, and the aliveness within us all…

Meet Me

Meet me in the moment sweet, in the moment bitter.

Meet me in deception and see the deception of Me.

Meet me in twilight and dusk alike, see me in the moon, stars, and the beating of the sun.

Meet me as it warms your skin gently or sets it on fire leaving boils of pain.

Meet me to dance reckless and celebrate the rain.

Meet me in the ground beneath your feet, between your toes, in the sky above, and in darkness of the crevice core.

And then feel the space surround you, held tightly as it holds, can you feel the arms of space wrap you? As if to suffocate you with space, if space could permeate.

I’m meeting you in every moment as I breathe you,

Meet me in the embrace of the worlds breath in every moment.

Because to meet me is to breathe and drink the everything, the nothing that I am.

Meet me in the sound of silence, and the birth and death and crescendo of every note.

Meet me in all the eyes you behold, the beating of all hearts, and you will know the one heart beat as your own.

Meet me within the voice of your lover, and then meet me once more as your lover walks away.

Unhinge yourself from thoughts of what you see and meet me.

Meet me without eyes and yet use your eyes, watch the bird fly to you to meet you, and know that I came in every moment in different forms just for you… to remind you tomeet me.

Meet me without looking so hard to meet me.

And then you will find me as you meet yourself for the first time and realize the mewhich you have always known.

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