Passion is rising in you.

Passion is rising from within your body.

Passion is the energy fueling the creative pull to express.

Express that passion you feel rising within.

Passion is a feeling, a feeling of love and that feeling is endlessly flowing through you if you allow it.

Passion to be present to the moment that is taking your heart.

Your heart yearns to go though your mind may not let you know it.

Do you feel creativity somewhere within?

An idea births into your awareness you feel from your heart and your mind may dare to say its not possible.

Your mind may dare to tell you that you’re not enough in some form or another for it to be expressed through you.

Tell your mind the Truth.

I am not you.

I am not these thoughts.

Remind yourself of the Truth, you are that feeling of love, that feeling of heart, that feeling of passion and creativity that swelled in through your being.

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