In every moment, with every decision, there is an opportunity to be free. Free to follow your truth, or what you love, with no strings attached to what’s happened in the past, no attachment to the “plans” of the future, and without any limitations or fear.

It starts with simplicity. The truth of the moment is always very simple: it’s either “true” for you OR its not for you. And only your heart knows which one it is.

The complications come from the thinking mind. If you consult your head, it will weigh the pros and cons. It will give you the analysis for all the reasons why to do it, or not to do it, what it’s going to give you, what it might take away, who else might be happy or disappointed, whether it works with your schedule, if its going to meet your expectations, tick your boxes, or if it fits into your “plan”, whether you like how it will make you look, or feel, whether you have the money, whether you’re afraid to spend the money… and the list will go on forever in your mind as it battles back and forth about how it affects your circumstances and how you’ll be perceived. You will pick one of the lesser of two evils.

That doesn’t even sound inspiring does it?

What your thinking mind can’t understand, and why therefore it’s limited, is that LOVE and true happiness has nothing to do with your circumstances or how you’re perceived on the outside. 

Your thinking mind is also limited in that it can’t contemplate the infinite number of possibilities that are in each moment. One of the biggest things that one of my mentors and dear friend Amir Zoghi speaks about in The Intuitive Warrior is asking you the question, “Can you truly plan for the present moment?” You can’t, not really. You never know what‘s actually going to happen.

When you’re making a decision from the thinking mind, you not only spend time and energy analyzing and worrying about what you’ll decide, you miss out on experiencing more aliveness in the moment, and the rewarding feeling that comes from following what you love.

The “problem” with following your truth is that you’ll never “understand” why when the thoughts demand an answer, it may or may not make sense to you. In fact, it may mess up your “plans” that you prepared for this present moment, but in planning, you limited your present moment, which was free until you constrained it.

One of the biggest pitfalls I see while mentoring others (and having experienced it myself) on following truth is that many only follow the feeling sometimes and aren’t honest about it with themselves and then wonder why following their truth “isn’t working.” They follow it when they like it or it’s easy and convenient and wonder why they still experience fear. Even when it’s as simple as going out to a friends’ when what’s true is to be alone.

Any time you act on logic and reason against your heart, you are in judgment, limitation and logic, and you will experience fear from that decision. Any time you can on what’s true for you, you will experience more aliveness, more peace and be more free of fear.

It’s not always easy to follow your heart. But each time you choose to act on what is true for you without reasondo you not come alive and feel more free?


Ask it of your heart in every decision you make:

Is this true for me?

It’s either FOR YOU or it’s NOT FOR YOU. But YOU don’t get to decide that, only your heart does, the TRUE YOU.

And if you do not have the courage to follow the feeling, observe in yourself the limitation that’s preventing you from choosing it. Know what it is that you have “power in” that’s outside of your heart so you know what’s limiting you in your life.

Because what really matters is that each time you act on the truth, you come closer to BEING who YOU TRULY ARE.

follow your heart



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