Once I was myself and I was rejected

And so I stopped being my self so that my self could not be rejected

I became many other someone’s

And when any other someone was rejected, it kind of hurt, but didn’t matter because it wasn’t really me

I invented many me’s until one day I forgot my self entirely

The pain of not being the real me grew greater than the pain of rejection

So I decided to remember who I was

And I realized that the self I felt that I began as, was also a mask to the Truth

The One I truly am never stopped nor even started being my self

The One that is me never left, doesn’t change, didn’t forget

Once I remembered, I realized I was never rejected

Once I could feel into this remembrance, I realized that the life that lived me was the only me

The rest of who I thought was me was just filled with many stories

None of the stories were me

Now I see

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