Reminders & signs from the street...
Reminders & signs from the street…
The beauty is that there is nothing that you “need” to do. When you can stop thinking, stop running around, stop doing, and worrying, you can take the time to connect to the moment.
Feel the air as it passes by your cheek, go to any beach or vista and sit and watch the sunset magically unfold. Or simply bring the moment completely into your view and awareness like seeing it for the first time, and allow the moment to blossom before your eyes.
Cars pass, people walk, sounds from afar whisper to meet and delight your ears. When you’re not thinking, worrying, and going into the future about how best to fix, improve or change your life, you have a chance to be where life is truly happening, all around you.
You’ll be amazed at what you see, at what you hear. Don’t label what you see, or at least see everything you’ve seen before with fresh eyes, with feeling, with your sixth sense. It is then that you will connect to what is really means to be alive, and in those moments, no life circumstance will matter; you will feel peace inside of yourself.
Keep moving inside your life circumstances, but don’t forget to be alive.

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